Major Differences between Snooker Cue and Pool Cue





 Beginners usually confuse snooker cues with pool cues and vice versa. Only the experts and professional players can understand the true difference between the two. Whether you are going to play any of these games as a hobby or want to adopt them as a career, you need to learn the differences between the two in detail. Both of the games are different in terms of rules, number, and pattern of balls used. Snooker uses 22 balls while pool is played with 15 balls. Snooker has solid color balls while 7 pool balls are striped.



Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

Similarly, when it comes to the cues, they look the same yet there are a few key differences. Let’s look into the major differentiating factors between snooker cue and pool cue in the following comparison table:

Now, let’s discuss the differences in detail so that you get to know which cue is right for which game:


There is not a very prominent difference in the length of a snooker cue, and pool cue as both games use almost the same length for cues. Snooker cues and pool cues are usually 57 to 58 inches long.

The difference mainly lies within the types of pool cues. The English pool cues is 57 inches in length, while the American pool cue features 57 to 58 inches length.

Cue Tip

Cue tips are the major point of difference between snooker cues and pool cues. If you do not hold enough experience and expertise, it might not be noticeable when you just look at them. However, the cue tip defines the overall geometry and dimensions of a cue.

Here’s how they differ:


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